March 2, 2013

February Blog Circle | Food Photography

I almost forgot about the challenge for this month! I'm so thankful that another member of the blog circle posted a little reminder a few days ago and it seems that I wasn't the only one to forget!

My husband bought a large box of Nerds last week and my daughter has decided that he needs to share. Candy is her weakness. She can easily pass up cookies, cakes, donuts, and ice cream (and has declined to eat these foods on several occasions) but the child has yet to say no to candy. Skittles are her favorite :) She has had small boxes of single color Nerds in the past but this box is different. It has assorted colors and she calls them "Different Colored Nerds."


Please click over to see Carolyn's beautiful food photography HERE!


CrystalBellePhotography said...

Nerds are my favorite candy!

Carolyn said...

nerds!!!! my favorute candy as a kid!

Becky Anderson said...

Nerds are a favorite in our house!

Michelle Judd said...

Yummy! I love nerds too!